Innovative packaging techniques are invaluable marketing opportunities, says branding expert

Our e-newsletters have often explored the importance of innovative packaging solutions, and the value of smart designs in promoting your company’s unique brand.

Do you still need convincing?

To Ted Church, principal, founder and branding specialist of Boulder, CO-based Anthem Branding, packaging and branding are not only essential marketing, but can go far in elevating your company’s image.

“In a world that revolves around brands, it’s important to determine how your business will stand out,” Church writes in a recent blog. In fact, Church asserts packaging and branding help build a concise brand personality, and attract and retain customers long-term. He offers an example set by skincare/cosmetics giant Glossier, which transcends the usual “bubble wrap and cardboard” by packaging its products like gifts.

Our recent newsletters show how some companies are successfully using high impact graphics and custom-sized boxes to serve multiple purposes. One example is the set-up box, also called “subscription” boxes, many of which are corrugated containers used to ship specialty items like pet food samples on a monthly basis. Big box retailers often rely on companies to provide large dual-purpose boxes – first serving as a shipping container for large quantities of their product while later allowing a means to dispense individual units directly to consumers. This provides additional opportunities to display features and benefits to consumers while minimizing stocking time for workers.

Such innovations first serve to make a stunning and lasting visual impression of a company’s brand in a consumer’s mind, said Church.

Second, innovative packaging are opportunities that should never be ignored, and provide an unmistakable chance to “wow” your customer,” he said, noting how additional things like “thank you” cards can leave lasting impressions.

At Corrbox, our design and sample rooms have large-scale capability to develop an integrated packaging system to protect your product completely during shipping, and design it in a way that also maximizes your product’s marketing exposure. There are countless examples here at CorrBox of clever designs that serve highly practical purposes while reinforcing your company’s logo and corporate branding.

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