Good news keeps coming

Emerging research continues with positive news about the American corrugated box market. All in all, the $63 billion global corrugated box market is expected to soar to nearly $77 billion over the next five years, reports MarketsAndMarkets. Primary growth factors include surging recycled content demand, electronics and food and beverage industry growth, and consumer demand. According to a report by IndexBox Marketing, the U.S. is the global leader in corrugated and solid fiber box commerce. Its 17% world market share is followed by Germany (14%) and China (11%), according to a published news release. Most of the U.S. exports of corrugated boxes are going to so-called “traditional” North America trading partners. Meanwhile, researcher Technavio reports that compostable box demand is surging in the $105 billion global e-commerce packaging market and will continue over the next four years. Box suppliers are answering the call through better ways of paper pulp extraction and enhanced graphics, the firm noted.

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