Custom sizing, high quality printing latest box trends

It’s no secret corrugated boxes are among the most versatile containers on the planet. Beige Market Intelligence, for example, reports they are the most popular “secondary” packaging type because of their relative low cost and weight, strength and rigidity, durability and flexibility.

Processed foods and beverages and electronics are among the fastest growing applications for board and corrugated packaging, and it’s most prominent in developing Asia-Pacific regions where consumer spending is exploding, Beige and Persistence Market Research recently reported.

But two exciting emerging trends worth noting include the growth in demand for high impact graphics and custom-sized boxes to serve multiple purposes. Both are being fueled largely by big box retailers and the Internet.

As we discussed in our previous blog, retailers are increasingly asking companies to provide large dual-purpose boxes for both shipping and dispensing products. Through high quality printing and size customization, this provides additional opportunities to display features and benefits to consumers while minimizing stocking time for workers.

As Persistence notes in a recent report, growing and emerging industrial activity is fueling the need for better packaging techniques to protect and transport goods. But e-commerce is what’s really exploding the demand for and innovation in corrugated and solid fiber packaging, according to Cleveland-based Freedonia Group.

Internet sites like Amazon are among the biggest consumers of corrugated. Globally, e-commerce packaging demand is expected to boom by 10% or more to a $1.1 billion market by 2020, according to Freedonia. In 2015 alone, boxes accounted for nearly a third of all e-commerce packaging. Another industry – third-party logistics – will likely post the “fastest gains” given the edge they already have from serving the e-commerce markets, Freedonia adds.

Set-up boxes, also called “subscription” boxes, make up only 5% of current box demand, but are fueling new innovations in corrugated applications. Such containers are used to ship specialty items like pet food samples on a monthly basis, and companies are seeking innovative ways to distinguish them with imaginative graphics, according to Freedonia.

At Corrbox, our design and sample rooms have large-scale capability to develop an integrated packaging system to protect your product completely during shipping, and design it in a way that also maximizes your product’s marketing exposure. There are countless examples here at Corrbox of clever designs that serve highly practical purposes while reinforcing your company’s logo and corporate branding.

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